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smart post pro

Smart post pro has been designed to allow the user to make multiple
newsgroup postings with  options to randomize parts of each posting
so that no 2 are exact duplicates.Randomizing postings ensures that
the postings you make are not classed as spam and deleted.         

Smart post pro can add random text to part of the message body, the
message  subject and  the  email address. Many  ISPS  are now using
software which detects multiple duplicate postings and deletes them
,automatically classifying them as spam messages, regardless of the
message content or group it is being posted to! Many are now at the
stage where  if  you post more  than 2  duplicate messages they are
deleted  and  any  further postings  with the same message are also
deleted. Their so called spam protection software is just going too
far, removing many legitimate postings that are not spam!          

Some of the features in smart post allow you to dashify the subject
and the body.This adds a specified character at random between each
letter of text, the character can be any you specify. Another handy
feature allows the program to disconnect and reconnect  to the news
server every specified amount of messages. This means that there is
a different log for each batch of postings you make.               

One other UNIQUE feature to Smart Mail Pro & Smart Post Pro, is the
Dashify option, this option when used inserts a specified character
in the subject or body. This means the content of each mail can  be
slighlty different and allows  you mail to  bypass keyword filters!
The Character is inserted at random throughout the message/subject.
Keyword  filtering  is  becoming  very  common  as  anyone  who has
repeatedly sent large quantites of mail will know!                 

Sent using a trial copy of Smart Post Pro                          
S,e,nt ,u,si,ng ,a tria,l, c,o,p,y, ,of S,m,a,r,t, ,Pos,t ,P,ro    

It is still very readable, but bypasses any keyord filter around!  

Using smart post pro to send  your newsgroup postings prevents your
messages  being deleted by the automatic software , enabling you to
make multiple group postings without them standing a high chance of
being  removed before they are seen. It also  saves time by posting
automatically  to multiple  groups of your choice, sending manually
one at a time consumes valuable time.                              

Smart Post Pro  is  a must  for those  who  regularly make  mutiple
newsgroup postings.                                               

Randomize full email address or part of email address
Randomize part of message subject
Randomize part of message body
Dashify the body and message
Reconnect every set amount of postings
Make thousands of postings with no 2 being exact duplicates
Select specific groups to post
Post to thousands of news groups per hour with a standard modem

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