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smart mail pro

Smart Mail pro was designed to allow you to send as many email messages
as you wish , without mail servers  classifying  your messages as spam!

Many ISPs are now running  automated software which attempts  to reduce
spam emails. The problem with this is that many legitimate messages are
now being  deleted before they  reach their destination. Their software
detects duplicate email messages and once a certain level is reached no
further similar messages are delivered.Smart Mail Pro has options which
when enabled, can randomize certain parts of each email message so that
every message  you  send  is unique. Using  Smart Mail Pro  reduces the
likelihood  of your messages being classified as spam and increases the
chances of your messages arriving at its intended destination.         

One other UNIQUE feature to  Smart Mail Pro and  Smart Post Pro, is the
Dashify option, this option when used  inserts a specified character in
the  subject or  body. This  means the content  of  each  mail  can  be
slighlty different and allows  you mail to  bypass keyword filters! The
Character is inserted at random throughout the message/subject. Keyword
filtering  is becoming very  common as anyone who  has repeatedly  sent
large quantites of mail will know!                                     

Sent using a trial copy of Smart Mail Pro                              
S,e,nt ,u,si,ng ,a tria,l, c,o,p,y, ,of S,m,a,r,t, ,M,ail ,P,ro        

It is still very readable, but bypasses any keyord filter around!      

Smart Mail Pro is a must for those  who regularly send large quantities
of Email, it is easy to use , has all the  options you  need and  makes
mailing a large number of people a simple task!                       

Randomize full email address or part of email address
Randomize part of message subject
Randomize part of message body
Dashify option to bypass keyword filters
Send thousands of emails with no 2 being exact duplicates
BCC/CC Message to fixed address or address from list
Send up to 30,000 emails per hour with a standard modem

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